REPP represents you online, in an easy, shareable manner.

REPP is an identity verification and management platform that allows anyone to quickly and easily ensure that they are interacting with legitimate people, whether for dating, commerce, or peer-to-peer transactions.


We’re all too comfortable with trusting people that we meet online. We trust them to help us network for our next job, take us out for a date, borrow their car or stay in our house. It’s time to finally begin to know more about who we’re dealing with.
REPP allows you to:

  • Verify your identity using the same technology used by financial institutions and governmental agencies and easily share this validation.
  • Stake your claim on the internet with an embeddable, shareable, verified online profile.
  • Control information about you. Instead of others running a background check on you, often receiving incomplete or inaccurate information, YOU run YOUR OWN background check.
  • Provide comments and context around any infractions that might have been returned as a result of your background check.
  • Share and embed your REPP Badge and REPP Public URL across the web, fully controlling who views your REPP Profile and for how long.
  • Verify your Profile Photo, making your online transactions easier and more trustworthy.
  • Give profiles to others, making it easier to know more about each other.


  • Michael Bergman, David Volker, BreeAnna Bergman and Stephen Hartz

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