The easiest way to pay rent.

By initially leveraging the enthusiasm of young renters and roommates, RentShare is positioned to infiltrate and become a standard in the rental space.


Over $600 billion is spent on rent every year in the US, and the vast majority of that is paid with a paper check. For generation Y, this is typically the only check they write. There simply isn’t a good solution for renters.

For roommates, the problem is even worse. Roommates are le␣ with a mess of receipts, spreadsheets, and checks each month, making paying bills and calculating who owes what a major point of friction.

The solution is a payment platform that makes paying rent and sharing expenses simple, transparent and hassle free; a tool that anyone can use, even if their landlord isn’t signed up.


  • Ian Halpern, Chris Toppino and Trevor Geise

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