Context-aware mobile advertising.

AdAdapted is a context-responsive ad platform for the world’s fastest growing form of digital: Task-driven mobile apps.


We’re helping top brands including Bank of America, Chobani, Hillshire, Campbell’s and P&G reach target audiences across a network of app partners, which represents 30MM+ users.

Success Story
Jimmy Dean wanted to reach mobile moms while they were meal planning and grocery shopping. Instead of serving their standard banners, AdAdapted distributed customized ads and relevant content in grocery list and lifestyle apps. With this approach, AdAdapted beat Jimmy Dean’s mobile benchmarks by over 20%, driving over 100K engagements with sponsored content and saw app users add the featured product to their grocery list over 21K times.

Why It’s Important
90% time on phones is spent in mobile apps and they are evolving how people plan, shop, eat and sleep. AdAdapted is the 1st solution that customizes ads for each app environment then finds scale by automating every step of the campaign process. AdAdapted’s campaigns outperform the predominant ad solutions by 5-10X (on metrics including click thru, engagement, and lead gen).


  • Mike Pedersen and Molly McFarland

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