• Adadapted


    AdAdapted is a context-responsive ad platform for the world’s fastest growing form of digital: Task-driven mobile apps.

  • Ahalogy


    Ahalogy is the Marketer’s Solution for Pinterest. As an official Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner, Ahalogy’s optimization technology, licensed content, and focused expertise helps brands Source, Optimize and Scale content for success on Pinterest — #1 platform for content discovery & meaningful marketing.

  • Atumate


    Atumate is a turnkey IoT device that lets any scientist securely access and control any instrument, anytime, from anywhere, wirelessly.

  • Benchmark-portfolio

    Benchmark Intelligence

    Benchmark Intelligence is a location analytics platform for retail chains that reveal why certain locations make more money than others.

  • Unnamed1


    Casamatic instantly matches buyers to their perfect home.

  • Drlogo


    DataRole (formerly HireWheel) is a DaaS platform for the insurance, mortgage, and real estate industries and offers instant access to the improvement history of a property without needing an appraisal or inspection.

  • Datazar_listing


    Datazar is an advanced research collaboration platform where researchers easily explore, analyze and share research data. By streamlining the research process, Datazar helps scientists organize and understand data in the fastest, most effective way.

  • Fadstir


    Fadstir brings the in-store stylist to your online store by automatically curating your inventory, generating “Complete The Look” recommendations for all your products.

  • Screen%20shot%202017-02-14%20at%203.47.56%20pm

    FamilyTech (Formerly ChoreMonster)

    FamilyTech (formerly ChoreMonster, founded in 2011 by Chris Bergman) offers a suite of web and mobile apps with the goal of bringing sanity to families with a technology platform that engages the entire family to get things done at home.

  • Unnamed


    Frameri is the first interchangeable prescription glasses and sunglasses company. One lens, many frames.

  • 450x345


    Personalized protein powder, delivered directly to your doorstep.

  • Gild%20collective

    Gild Collective

    When women unite with a purpose, they can create with intention. Join the collective, illuminate your potential.

  • Goodwipes


    Cool, convenient, and eco-friendly, Goodwipes makes staying clean and confident a breeze, wherever you are.

  • Jw-logo-500x500

    Jersey Watch

    Youth sports coaches and administrators struggle dealing with parent communication, player registration, schedules, scores, equipment and website management.

    As volunteers, their budgets are tight and time is extremely limited. Jersey Watch provides online tools that help organizations run better. We’re changing the game with local sports.

  • Jumper%20logo%20for%20brandery%20stuff%202

    Jumper Threads

    JUMPER was founded by a former Army Ranger and a Winter Apparel Exec who share three common beliefs;

    Basic everyday apparel should be great.

    Move from your office to the outdoors as fast as possible.

    Whoever has the most fun wins.

  • Keego


    Keego allows anybody, anywhere to translate.

  • Learnmetrics


    Learnmetrics is real time analytics for education. The system replaces the once-per- semester “progress note” with a real-time feedback loop between parents, teachers and students.

  • Martin%20logo%20for%20brandery%20website


    Martin is an AI-enabled virtual marketing expert. Martin performs the role of an entry-level marketing employee, allowing organizations to expand their marketing capacity at a fraction of the cost.

  • Otp-wings-logo

    Off Track Planet

    Off Track Planet is a travel guide brand re-inventing the way people use the social and mobile web to travel the world.

  • Oros_logo500x500


    Oros is the first apparel to incorporate a NASA spacesuit technology called aerogel into its insulation. The Lukla Jacket by Oros keeps you as warm as a 40mm down coat in just 8mm of aerogel, keeping you warm without the bulk.

  • Repp


    REPP is an identity verification and management platform that allows anyone to quickly and easily ensure that they are interacting with legitimate people, whether for dating, commerce, or peer-to-peer transactions.

  • Screen%20shot%202018-04-09%20at%205.41.04%20pm


    Patented link shortener service that displays about 10-15 retargeted banner ads, over a period of 2 weeks, to anyone clicking short links created with the system.

  • Screen%20shot%202017-02-14%20at%203.38.43%20pm

    Scent Trunk

    We know what the world loves to smell so we can make the world’s best scent products.

  • Sb_logo


    ShopperBride is a mobile advertising solution for CPG Shopper Marketing Teams

  • 15-cur-0650%20the%20brandery_skip_logos_r4


    Skip is a mobile checkout solution that allows you to scan items as you go through the store and skip the checkout line.

  • Logos

    Soapy Soap Company

    DesignMySoap.com, by Soapy Soap Company, is the world’s first and only personalized bar soap e-commerce platform.

  • Strap


    Strap is a human data intelligence platform that enables the most personalized, contextual, and relevant experiences on the planet.

  • Tame-the-beast-logo-and-squatch-300x230

    TAME the BEAST

    We create men’s grooming products with arousing scents and energizing properties.

  • Upshift


    Upshift is a digital platform which connects businesses and workers for on-demand labor through our mobile and web applications. We make work easy by putting shifts just the click of a button away.

  • Urban%20trials

    Urban Trials

    Urban Trials is the first ever event to use technology to combine physical obstacles and mental challenges over a super fun urban 5K course.

  • Vennbrandery_360


    Delivering SMS, Push & Email services through one reliable platform.

  • Wyzerr


    Wyzerr creates smart forms that are fun, fast, and easy using machine learning and gamification.

  • Zid%20zid

    Zid ZId

    Zid Zid is the first subscription-based platform designed to empower preschool children, together with their parents and teachers, to discover a language all through real-world play and on-screen activities.

  • Chalky_body_photo_730

    Chalky - Acquired by Admittedly

    Chalky connects advice-seekers with mentors who’ve been in their shoes.

  • Cintric

    Cintric - Acquired by UberMedia

    Cintric gathers consumer insights through its SDK and allows enterprises to understand and act on them with rich analytics and a rules engine.

  • Listing-donde

    Donde - Acquired by Mobify

    Donde is a mobile locator platform that provides marketers with tools to drive retail sales.

  • Flightcar-fpo

    FlightCar - Acquired by Mercedes Benz

    FlightCar is the Airbnb of car rentals at airports. It is a marketplace that allows owners flying out of an airport to rent out their cars to arriving travelers.

  • Modulus-thumb

    Modulus - Acquired by Progress Software

    Modulus provides companies a place to host, scale, and gain insight into their web-based applications.

  • Rs-brand-1

    Rentshare - Acquired by i3 Verticals

    By initially leveraging the enthusiasm of young renters and roommates, RentShare is positioned to infiltrate and become a standard in the rental space.

  • Roadtrippers

    Roadtrippers - Acquired by TH2

    Roadtrippers is a simple and intuitive road trip planner that helps you discover, plan and book the best places and experiences along your way, curated by local experts and travel writers. Eccentric roadside attractions, breathtaking natural wonders, or mouthwatering foodie feasts. Whatever your interests, you’ll discover your America on Roadtrippers.

  • Logo_500px

    Shelfie - Acquired by InfoScout

    Shelfie is on a mission to change how marketing research is done by harnessing the power of consumers and image processing.

  • Soundstr

    Soundstr - Acquired by VNUE

    Soundstr captures establishment-based music performance and customer data.