Rick Webb - timehop, COO

Rick Webb currently serves as a consultant to Tumblr on Marketing and Revenue, a mentor to Tech Stars NY and The Brandery, and as a venture partner at Quotidian Ventures. Finally, Rick is the founder and CEO of Secret Clubhouse, a tech coworking space in Williamsburg, NY.

In 2001, Webb co-founded The Barbarian Group, an award-winning digital ad agency. He served as its COO for the first ten years of the company’s existence. Webb left in 2011 to pursue angel investing in, and writing on, technology and advertising. He is an angel investor in Foursquare, Branch, Circa, Percolate, Docracy and others, along with two TechStars graduates, Nestio and Timehop. He is an advisor to several other tech startups and marketing services companies, including Sherpaa, Hard Candy Shell, and Small Girls Big Business PR.

Webb is the former writer of a tech column for the NY Observer and Betabeat and an avid blogger on technology, advertising, economics, politics and the government. He graduated from Boston University with a degree in International Economics in 1992. He serves a board member of the VCU Brandcenter, one of the most renowned advertising graduate schools, and was named as Creativity Magazine’s 50 most creative people in marketing (2008). He was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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Adam Weber - Dollar Shave Club, Chief Marketing Officer

Adam is the Vice President of Consumer Marketing at Dollar Shave Club, the membership based e-commerce start up that delivers high quality shaving products for a few bucks a month. In this role, he is leading all marketing efforts behind the company’s rapid subscription growth – including direct, subscriber, and content marketing. Prior to Dollar Shave Club, Adam was the Marketing Director for Gilt Groupe’s Women’s division building marketing strategies and plans across paid media, search, CRM, social media, and partner marketing with some of Gilt’s top luxury fashion & beauty brands. For 6+ years prior, he was in Brand Management within P&G’s Beauty & Grooming division, where he enabled break though innovation in digital, entertainment marketing, & e-commerce. His most recent Brand Manager role was leading the P&G’s acquisition & rapid expansion of the prestige grooming brand & retailer, The Art of Shaving.

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Doug Worple - Barefoot Proximity, Chairman

Doug is the founder and Chairman of Barefoot Proximity. When Barefoot was acquired by BBDO/Proximity in July of 2008, Doug joined the Executive Board of Proximity Worldwide. Doug has most recently served the BBDO/Proximity network as the Worldwide Director of Commercial Digital Innovation, a role charged with bringing new ideas and technologies around the globe to the network. Doug is an investor in and Chairs the board of two technology start-ups including Now Computing (Barcelona, Spain ) and Smart Picture Technology (Austin, TX). He also is a board member of OCT8NE (Menlo Park, CA).and has served as a board member for Snoox (Tel Aviv, Israel) and Barcelona Housing Systems (Barcelona, Spain) in the past.

Beyond Barefoot Proximity, Doug has also led the creation of several other businesses and initiatives inside and outside of the agency world. In 2007, he teamed up with his brother Bill to launch 3LUXE, which was an early recommendation platform. In 2009, Doug conceived and created Man of the House with the team at BarefootProximity, an idea which was subsequently picked up by Procter & Gamble.

Doug has an undergraduate degree from Iowa State University, and an MBA from Xavier University. Prior to founding BarefootProximity in 1993, Doug spent spent nearly 8 years at P&G — first in Finance and then Brand Management.

Doug is based in Barcelona, and has enjoyed the opportunity to see quite a bit of the world in his global role. He’s married with 2 children, and 3 dogs who take turns joining him at the office. Beyond the world of start-ups, Doug enjoys escaping with his family to their cottage on the Georgian Bay.

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Stephen Young - Lowe's Ventures, Venture Investor

Stephen is primarily responsible for the sourcing, execution and analysis of venture investments for Lowe’s Ventures. Prior to Lowe’s Ventures, Stephen worked at HGGC, a middle market private equity firm based in Palo Alto, California. He holds an M.B.A. from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business as well as dual B.S. degrees in economics and politics from Utah State University.

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