Company Highlight: Fadstir


With the recent announcement of the Brandery class of 2016, we are excited to feature each company in its own blog post! Each day we’ll post a new blog highlighting one of the startups in this year’s cohort. As we are officially two months out from Demo Day, get to know the names and faces behind the company!

Today we’ll be highlighting Fadstir.

Pictured (left to right): CTO, Rob Resma; CEO, Emmanuel Igbinosa; CMO, Tenzin Chagzoetsang

What does your company do?

We provide practical style advice for the on-the-go, young professional. We’re gathering trending, fashion data on how outfits are being pieced together and through our app, we’re then parsing and curating this information using algorithms, user-feedback and stylists. We then take this valuable data to instantly show users and businesses how to piece together outfits.

What attracted you to apply to the Brandery?

It was a mixture of the uniquely focused emphasis on branding and the amount of intimately accessible resources through the community of mentors, advisers and businesses.

How did the team come together?

We all we’re Stanford graduates and ultimately united through this network in some way. Emmanuel and I (Tenzin) we’re best friends in college and post college, decided to pursue this idea after experiencing the challenges in now being expected to dress well but not having as much leisurely time to stay up on trends as we did when we were younger. We later recruited Rob, who was still in school, through our alumni network. We immediately bonded and have been in business ever since.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned at the Brandery, so far?

We knew how great of a startup ecosystem Cincinnati had developed but we didn’t realize how genuinely interested and invested the community was in seeing all us young businesses succeed. The amount of support and resources is incredible!

What do you like the most about Cincinnati?

It’s great how amidst all the economic development and city renovations, you can still feel a deep rooted culture and charm to the city.

Did you have an “aha!” moment?

We’ve experienced multiple “aha” moments since being here, but it was working with our creative agency to really understand our target consumer and what they were looking for in our services that might have been the most enlightening. Through branding exercises and data analysis, we were able to really hone in on this person and not surprisingly, all of us in the team matched the profile of our user.

The pictures used in this blog post were captured by Zackariah Cole, visit his website at http://www.zackariahcole.com/.

Company Highlight: Atumate


With the recent announcement of the Brandery class of 2016, we are excited to feature each company in its own blog post! Each day we’ll post a new blog highlighting one of the startups in this year’s cohort. As we are officially two months out from Demo Day, get to know the names and faces behind the company!

Today we’ll be highlighting Atumate, formerly known as Atumsoft!

Pictured (left to right): CEO, Olivier Lemaitre; CCO, Fontana Carl; CTO, Andrew Carl
(not pictured, VP of Engineering, Brad Conyers)

What does your company do?

At a time when wireless connectivity makes life easier and tasks more efficient in countless ways, most scientific labs are behind the curve. The problem is every machine is an island. It’s commonplace for scientists to operate cutting-edge instruments in not-so-cutting-edge ways. Until now.
Atumate is a turnkey IoT device empowering any scientist to access any instrument from anywhere in wireless range. Thankfully, the time-intensive method of physically walking from instrument to instrument to run operations and collect data is obsolete. Atumsoft gives complete control. Untethers access to data. And frees the scientist to focus on science.

What attracted you to apply to the Brandery?

While looking at accelerators and funding opportunities, the Brandery stood out to us as one of the top startup accelerators in the US, and everything we need for the stage where we are as a company. The pace at which things move and the abundance of networking opportunities are exactly what a quickly growing startup like Atumate needs to succeed.

How did the team come together?

Andrew Carl (co-founder, CTO) and Olivier Lemaitre (co-founder, CEO) were tech-freak friends that were passionate about playing with computer hardware and code. As Andrew was teaching Olivier some innovative new ways to use programming, in addition to their mutual laboratory experience, the idea of connecting outdated labs with IoT started. We added Fontana Carl and Brad Conyers to round out our experience in design and programming to win a local AngelHack Hackathon with the idea. The team then went on to do great in the global AngelHack Competition in San Francisco, taking home the biggest prizes, and finally returned to Cincy to turn their winning idea into a reality.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned at the Brandery, so far?

Branding and understanding how to reach the world is a powerful thing. Using this newfound knowledge, we have learned to tell our story in a better and more compelling way.

What do you like the most about Cincinnati?

Being a part of the growth of #startupcincy and the community is huge. Everyone loves to help and the interest in what startups are doing is only growing. It is a privilege to be a part of such an active and tight community. And of course, FCC games are great.

Did you have an “aha!” moment?

The big aha for us came when working on some code, realizing that any complicated problem can have a simple, elegant solution.

The pictures used in this blog post were captured by Zackariah Cole, visit his website at http://www.zackariahcole.com/.

Company Highlight: Goodwipes


With the recent announcement of the Brandery class of 2016, we are excited to feature each company in its own blog post! Each day we’ll post a new blog highlighting one of the startups in this year’s cohort. As we are officially two months out from Demo Day, get to know the names and faces behind the company!

Today we’ll be highlighting Goodwipes!

Pictured (left to right): Managing Partner, Charlie Siciak; Brand Catalyst, Maria Guilbault; Managing Partner, Sam Nebel

What does your company do?

In a world that keeps moving faster and faster, Goodwipes allows you to keep up and stay active, without letting your hygiene, comfort, or confidence suffer. Their cool, convenient, and eco-friendly take on wet-wipes seamlessly complements the lifestyles of today’s busy consumers.

What attracted you to apply to the Brandery?

There are two things that put the Brandery above ALL other accelerators for us. 1) A high level of focus and commitment to brand and design, and 2) Being in Cincy, the Brandery and its team have deep roots in CPG.
With Goodwipes living in the CPG space, having access to mentors with relevant experience is king. As far as brand goes…well, brand is everything. Not everyone understands this – YET! Surrounding ourselves with like-minded teams that are bullish on serving their customers with unforgettable experiences that compliment their lifestyle makes for a high-energy and exciting work environment, forcing you to dream bigger than you ever thought you could.

How did the team come together?

The Goodwipes co-founders instantly bonded their freshman year of college at FSU, when they discovered that they were both habitual baby wipe users. When their journey later took Goodwipes to Atlanta, they made the first addition to the team. Working out of a B2C-focused workspace (Switch Yards Downtown Club), they met and brought on Maria Guilbault, better known as Maria G, the hustle bee!

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned at the Brandery, so far?

The level of commitment and support from everyone in Cincy cannot be expressed in words – it both surprises and inspires us daily. From the Brandery’s team leaders, to the program’s mentors, you can feel the genuine compassion and willingness to roll-up their sleeves and lend a hand. It’s a really good feeling to know that you have so many people on your side.

What do you like the most about Cincinnati?

Cincinnati is VERY walkable. This makes meeting people mid-day or running out of the office for a quick snack very easy and enjoyable.

Did you have an “aha!” moment?

Being addicted to living life to its fullest, feeling our best when we are busy and on-the-go is a must. We saw an ever-growing white-space in the consumer wipes market, which was failing to keep up with the hygiene demands of active consumers…“aha!” There wasn’t a company taking on the challenge of waking up this incredibly sleepy space. We knew there had to be a better way to stay fresh on-the-go, so we made one.

The pictures used in this blog post were captured by Zackariah Cole, visit his website at http://www.zackariahcole.com/.

Company Highlight: UpShift


With the recent announcement of the Brandery class of 2016, we are excited to feature each company in its own blog post! Each day we’ll post a new blog highlighting one of the startups in this year’s cohort. As we are officially two months out from Demo Day, get to know the names and faces behind the company!

Today we’ll be highlighting UpShift, formerly known as Pinch!

Pictured (left to right): CEO, Steve Anevski; COO, Alex Pantich and not pictured CTO, Nikola Jordanovski.

What does your company do?

We are attacking one of the biggest problems in our economy and the biggest headache I’ve had over the years as a bar & restaurant owner – the constant struggle of dealing with variable labor demand and availability. Our vision is to make work as easy and reliable as flipping on a light switch. We’ve built a digital platform that allows people to work when they want, where they want and for who they want and businesses to find qualified short term workers on demand. This platform will allow for a revolutionary amount of liquidity in the labor market that we believe will disrupt many industries in a positive fashion.

What attracted you to apply to the Brandery?

It’s access to anyone and everyone you need to make a company a success. Also, it’s team and support staff…the people here are world class.

How did the team come together?

I met my co-founder Alex through a former intern of mine who was working for Alex as a sales rep in his IT company. Alex built a website for me for another one of my businesses and I came away impressed with his ability, execution and professionalism. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was Alex’s third client. He’s since scaled that business. After that initial encounter, we would get together periodically and talk about different business ideas and when I put forward the idea of Upshift…well, the rest is history! We have a mutual respect for each other.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned at the Brandery, so far?

The power of a great Brand. Before the Brandery, I just assumed great Brands were the product of focus groups, research and a magic formula one learns in business school. Now I realize that the best brands are a product of great stories coupled with a flawlessly executed promise to consumers.

What do you like the most about Cincinnati?

How you can walk one block and run into 16 people you know and another 22 you recognize. This is especially true on the West Side of town where I grew up.

Did you have an “aha!” moment?

I have been running bars and restaurants for the past 10 years. My biggest headache and frustration over that time frame was staffing and dealing with workers. On the flip side, I constantly heard how my employees couldn’t find enough work or how other bars weren’t willing to hire for only one or two shifts. Then one night I was sitting on my sofa reading about the growth of the “gig economy”-Uber, Airbnb, etc-and I thought to myself, “why hasn’t anyone made an Uber for hourly workers?” It stuck in my head and I just couldn’t let the idea down; someone had to do this. So here we are.

The pictures used in this blog post were captured by Zackariah Cole, visit his website at http://www.zackariahcole.com/.

Company Highlight: Datazar


With the recent announcement of the Brandery class of 2016, we are excited to feature each company in its own blog post! Each day we’ll post a new blog highlighting one of the startups in this year’s cohort. As we are officially two months out from Demo Day, get to know the names and faces behind the company!

Today we’ll be highlighting Datazar, a local team from Cincinnati!

Pictured (left to right): CMO, Brian Back; CEO, Aman Tsegai

What does your company do?

Datazar is an ecosystem built to uncover the most important asset in science and educated decision making, raw data. The Datazar platform was engineered to consolidate the essential components of the research process, while accelerating discoveries. Datazar users are able to upload and manage data publicly or privately, collaborate individually or within teams, conduct cloud-based analysis, and track the impact of their data over time.

What attracted you to apply to the Brandery?

Having both been involved in the Brandery as well as the StartupCincy ecosystem in the past, it was an environment we both believed would be a great fit for us. We had seen this ecosystem from an outsider’s perspective for so long that we had to be a part of it with a company of our own.

How did the team come together?

Aman and Brian met while sitting on the leadership team for a student organization on UC’s campus, Bearcat Launchpad. Launchpad is an organization that serves as an accelerator of sorts for student ran businesses. Brian served as the Vice President of Bearcat Launchpad and Aman served as the Technology Director. After only a couple weeks of knowing each other, Aman reached out to Brian about getting involved with his project, Datazar.

What do you like the most about Cincinnati?

Skyline. The Chili or the visual outline of the city’s buildings. Both are beautiful sights.

The pictures used in this blog post were captured by Zackariah Cole, visit his website at http://www.zackariahcole.com/.

Company Highlight: Scent Trunk


With the recent announcement of the Brandery class of 2016, we are excited to feature each company in its own blog post! Each day we’ll post a new blog highlighting one of the startups in this year’s cohort. As we are officially two months out from Demo Day, get to know the names and faces behind the company!

Today we’ll be highlighting Scent Trunk, our team from the north.
Pictured (left to right): CEO, William Yin; COO, Richard Smale

What does your company do?

Our sense of smell is most closely linked to our emotions which is why fragrances are a very emotional product. But right now, the fragrance-buying experience is overwhelming, inconvenient and impersonal. Scent Trunk is a direct to consumer personalized fragrance subscription. We’ve built technology which can figure out what people like to smell, then we match them with our best fragrances. We’ve also cut out all the middle-men and make the fragrances ourselves. That means we can use higher quality ingredients and offer unique fragrances at a fraction of the price.

What attracted you to apply to the Brandery?

Cincinnati. No just joking (although we’ve grown to really enjoy the city). We felt the Brandery was a strong compliment to our weaknesses. We are a bunch of engineers and we needed help with the branding and creative parts of the business. We also have heard great things about how close the cohorts are each year because they are small. This means that the mentors can really spend a lot of time to understand the businesses they are helping.

How did the team come together?

Rich and I were friends since first year at Queen’s University. I think it’s called freshman year here in the US? Yeah, we’re Canadian eh!

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned at the Brandery, so far?

We learned about the importance of branding and creative when it comes to marketing. As engineers we’ve always taken an approach to marketing that was very calculated, but we’ve learned that the biggest marketing wins come from strong story-telling. We’ve learned that marketing success comes from a good compliment of branding/creative and engineering/automation. I think that since we’ve learned this we are testing our marketing and making improvements much quicker than we were before. Really exciting!

What do you like the most about Cincinnati?

The Reds, no just kidding. We really like how the community is very supportive of startups. There are a lot of resources that we can access for expertise and it makes growing our business a lot easier.

Did you have an “aha!” moment?

Yes! We’ve been up and running for about 15 months now and we’ve gathered a decent amount of customer data. After analyzing it we realized that even though the world of fragrance is really complicated, we could simplify it quite significantly. There were 6 attributes that were very polarizing (meaning people would love or hate them). We ended up finding out that if we can figure out how people responded to these 6 attributes, we’d have a really good idea of what they like to smell, to a higher degree of accuracy compared to when we just did an online onboarding survey.
This was the inspiration behind our new free-trial model where everyone will get a “fitting kit”. It’s similar to the Warby Parker home try-on program where you get to actually try some scents. Based on what you like/dislike, we’ll be able to make a very personalized fragrance recommendation for you!

The pictures used this blog post were captured by Zackariah Cole, visit his website at http://www.zackariahcole.com/.

Introducing The Brandery's 2016 Startups


Today marks the beginning of Week 6 of The Brandery’s 2016 accelerator program. Our founders have relocated to Cincinnati, settled in to their new office space at Union Hall, and are working their way towards Demo Day!

We’ve previously given you some information on the founders accepted into the 2016 class, but have kept the company names a bit under wraps. Why? Well, one of the hallmark characteristics of The Brandery’s curriculum is the 1:1 match-up with a world class marketing agency provided to our startups. In these initial sessions with their agency partners, the companies often refine their mission and possibly even change their names and/or logo. Now that that’s all out of the way, we’re excited to share our 2016 startups:

Upshift (formerly Pinch) is an on-demand labor marketplace where businesses can find workers and workers can find jobs on a short-term basis. Our mission is to make labor as reliable as electricity.
Fadstir is a pragmatic, stylist app for the style challenged, young professional. It is a platform for direct style advice on how to match the clothes you own and shop the clothes you need. Fadstir crowdsources all of its style advice from a community of fashion enthusiasts through an algorithmic, recommendation engine so all answers are reliable and credible.
Zid Zid (formerly Petit Zarafa) empowers kids to play, learn, and grow together with their parents. The company combines the best in early childhood education with the best in technology by providing an innovative online platform centered on language development through creative play.
StreamSavvy makes it easy to stream the best TV. In the complex and constantly changing world of streaming television, StreamSavvy helps people find and access their favorite content through a single, engaging platform.
Hatchli is a crowdsourced feedback platform poised to disrupt the traditional innovative process for both individuals and organizations. By bringing together innovators, makers, and trend-seekers, Hatchli provides the early feedback and exposure needed for great ideas to take flight.
Scent Trunk is perfecting the experience of discovering a fragrance you love. Our technology can figure out what you like to smell so we can send you the best fragrances each month. By collecting data on our scent preferences we are figuring out what the world likes to smell, and we will use this to change how all scent products are made.
ShopperBridge helps CPG companies leverage mobile advertising to get advertising and shopper marketing messages onto the cell phone of shoppers while they are in store at the closest moments to product selection.
Goodwipes complements the modern consumer’s busy, on-the-go lifestyle, keeping you fresh, clean and confident wherever, whenever. With our high-style, convenient and eco-friendly take on wet-wipes, you can now live life clean.
Datazar is a research collaboration platform engineered to consolidate and accelerate your research. By streamlining the research process we enable you to explore and understand the data in the fastest most effective way.
Atumsoft is a turnkey IoT device that lets any scientist access any instrument anytime from anywhere in wireless range. The hands-on days of babysitting an experiment are long gone. Atumsoft gives you complete control, untethers access to data, and frees scientists completely to focus on science.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be taking a closer look at each one here on our blog so make sure to keep checking back. We’re looking forward to sharing their journey towards Demo Day with all of you!

Brand in a Day 2016


Brand in a Day is the second most important event for startups, in the Brandery class. During this day companies have the freedom to refocus, rebrand or even rename themselves, in a short amount of time. Due to this unique opportunity, the Brandery chooses not to release names or information about the company until after Brand in a Day. On Thursday of last week, the startups headed over to 84.51° to take over their massive fifth floor and work with their partnered marketing agency.

A defining characteristic of the Brandery and Cincinnati is the abundance of resources we can offer to startups. Our companies have an exclusive advantage of partnering one on one with world-class marketing and branding agencies from the area. The relationships the Brandery has cultivated within the Cincinnati community allows for these agencies and our companies to work together efficiently, effectively, and cohesively. The partnering agencies come ready to work, understand the time constraint and donate their time for events like Brand in a Day.

This year we had the talented minds and guiding hands from: SpiceFire, Interbrand, LPK, POSSIBLE, RDG, Rockfish, Barefoot Proximity, Saatchi & Saatchi X and Context Digital.

The partnered teams hit the ground running Thursday morning and utilized every inch of their workspace, at 84.51°. At the end of their 5-hour marathon, the startups and agencies presented their progress and vision for the future. One team changed its name while others shared that they were open to the idea and may work on changing it in the near future. While other teams developed a story that made their product or service easier to understand and more relevant.

Overall, the teams left 84.51° better positioned and looking energized. Some even continued their work and headed back to the agency’s office. As startups continue to work with their agencies, we are all excited to see where they end up on Demo Day!

To get a behind the scenes look of what Brand in a Day actually looked like, watch this video compiled and edited by our multi-talented Program Manager, Justin!

NewCo's Back in Town


Cincinnati, it’s that time of the year again, “getting out to get in”. Since late 2012, NewCo has held festivals in several cities, from Palo Alto to London and everywhere in between. These festivals have attracted tens of thousands of people in the past and continues to grow in locations and attendees. Before diving into the Brandery’s sessions for NewCo Cincinnati, maybe it’s a good time to give some background on what is a NewCo?

NewCos are an innovative breed of companies who uniquely measure success by more than just profit. These companies are pioneers in technology and ideas, building communities and becoming the driving force to bring about societal change. If it was possible to highlight the top three aspects of a NewCo it would be this: they are on a mission to create positive change, they are driven by an idea and they are comprised of hardworking and passionate individuals. Albeit every company has a mission statement delivered at some point during orientation, NewCos are the mission of change. This one-day festival exemplifies these ideals as companies open their doors to let everyone in and learn about them and their mission.

On Thursday, July 21st, the Brandery will also be “opening” its already open doors to the public. We will be hosting two sessions, All About the Brandery and How We F—-ed Up 2.0. The first session, led by Tony Alexander and Rob McDonald will take place at 1:15pm. As the title suggests, Tony and Rob will be providing those who attend an overview of the Brandery, with beer of course. The second session, How We F—-ed Up 2.0, is sure to be lively as Brandery graduates from 2015 will be leading the panel. From 2:45pm to 3:30pm, this session will provide visitors with tours of the office space and time for Q&A. Both events have limited seating and since we know you’re dying to attend, the links have been copied below. Hurry and register!

All About the Brandery

How We F—-ed Up 2.0

Interns, What Have They Been Up To?


Happy Monday Everyone!

Today the Brandery Interns are taking over the blog to tell you what we’ve accomplished and what we’re up to. It’s officially been one month since the start of our internship and we have all had the opportunity to work with the Brandery team and get acclimated to our new surroundings. By the way OTR, you have been fabulous, thanks for all the food options!

Back to the interns! Camryn, the design intern, has worked diligently to create our agency playbook, infographic and company teasers for the class of 2016. Our tech intern, who just returned from vacation, Jacob has worked on compressing files to create an efficient library of information and updating our website. The two marketing and operations interns, Ravneet and Curtis, have also had their fair share of projects to handle. Both of us have been juggling various social media platforms, as well as getting the Brandery started on a new, not so well-known platform called Snapchat. So if by chance you do have Snapchat, follow us by searching “brandery”! Curt has also spent his time working on compiling a company portfolio of companies that have graduated from the Brandery. I, on the other hand, have spent most of my time preparing for the incoming class. I’ve helped with preparing our welcome gift baskets, organizing the welcome picnic and compiling summaries of founders for a press release.

As our first month of interning comes to an end, it is only the beginning for our startups. The addition of 10 new companies and almost 40 new individuals has certainly changed the atmosphere and dynamics of the office. Every day we arrive with the excitement of getting a new project and seeing how our work, no matter how minimal, can help a company grow. Along with helping the companies, Curt and I also have the unique opportunity of helping the startup community grow, as well.

One of our objectives this summer is to increase the engagement of local students with the startup ecosystem. Curtis and I strongly believe that we have great talent in the surrounding areas, especially on the campuses located near us. We’re looking at you UC, Xavier, Miami and NKU! Therefore, we have organized an event called, Founders 101. This event will be arranged as an open panel between students and well established founders from the Cincinnati area. After the founders introduce themselves, their business and journey we will open the floor for questions and encourage an environment of discussion.

The first event will take place June 24th, from 10am to 11am, in Union Hall. The theme for this panel is, “Start of the Startup”. Founders Matthew Lenahan, CEO of DataRole, James Fisher, CEO of Roadtrippers and Steve Caldwell, CEO of Strap will be in attendance discussing the start of their respective companies. More information on the event and founders can be found on our Eventbrite page, the link is copied below. Seating is limited, so please reserve your free ticket!


Founders of the Brandery's 2016 Class


It’s nearly impossible to scroll past any #StartupCincy related news and not see that the Brandery Class of 2016 has been announced. We are very excited to welcome these brilliant individuals to Over-the-Rhine and Cincinnati’s thriving startup ecosystem.

This year’s application pool had over 1,000 submissions from 32 states and 46 countries. After a rigorous interview process, less than 1% of applicants were accepted. These teams come from three different states, eight different cities and three different countries (United States, Morocco and Canada). While the names of the company are yet to be announced, we are excited to offer some brief information on their accomplished founders. Take a minute, and read up on our 2016 class:

  • Steve Anevski and Alex Pantich are working to connect businesses with professionals for short-term projects. Steve Anevski, native to Cincinnati, oversees seven different bars and restaurants in the area. Aside from being a business owner, Anevski impressively is also a lawyer and investment broker. Alex Pantich, founder of another business, Kinetiq Solutions, spent the last year operating as their CEO. Pantich, who has spent part of his life working and studying in Moscow, Istanbul and Serbia is proud of his political commentary website, Vostokian.
  • Aman Tsegai and Brian Back are exploring the potential to make research and data analysis easier. Both founders previously interned at the Brandery and studied at the University of Cincinnati. Tsegai studied physics while Back earned his degree in marketing. Before coming to the Brandery, Back worked with Siemens to develop their Global Partner Sales channel.
  • William Yin and Richard Smale, from Ontario, Canada, are on the move to upset the billion-dollar fragrance industry. Yin and Smale are graduates from Queen’s University, both earning a degree in Mining Engineering. For the past two years, Yin has been working with perfumers while Smale worked at Imperial Oil as an operations engineer. Yin and Smale are fans of hockey and beer, two staples of Canadian leisure.
  • Olivier Lemaitre, Andrew Carl & Fontana Carl are working on lab technology to increase worker efficiency. Olivier, originally from Belgium, is an ACS Certified Chemistry graduate from the University of Cincinnati. Andrew Carl is a software engineer with over eight years of experience writing computer software. He is also a graduate from UC, with a BS in Chemistry. Fontana Carl is the team’s graphic designer, a graduate from the Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati. She currently works as the Website Manager for Jake Sweeney Automotive.
  • Ian Hansborough, Greg Miller, Nugeen Aftab, Trey Hakanson and Dan Arters are working on a social platform that would allow creators to get instant feedback on their ideas. Ian is a self-taught iOS front-end developer who has competed and placed in several hackathons. Greg, a full-stack programmer with specific interests in back-end architecture, data mining and analytics, is also self-taught. The third member of this group, Nugeen Aftab, previously worked with Pelotonia, where she implemented a successful retail strategy. Trey Hakanson is a mechanical engineer turned software developer, who has several apps available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Dan Arters is also a self-taught programmer with a passion for software development.
  • Emmanuel Igbinosa, Tenzin Chagzoetsang and Rob Resma are improving the online shopping experience by providing men seeking fashion advice and a purchasing medium instant feedback, based on statistical analysis and machine learning. Emmanuel Igbinosa previously worked at Google, focusing on mobile development, and YouTube, where he effectively led a team to reduce manual processing and error rate substantially. Igbinosa was also a walk-on varsity basketball player at Stanford University. Tenzin Chagzoetsang, prior to joining the team, worked on creative advertising at NBCUniversal and Sony. He also ran his own successful, zero-overhead housekeeping business while a student at Stanford University. Rob Resma is a passionate mobile programmer who just earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Stanford University. While working on Skimble, Resma was able to create a new feature that connected a massive client base (20 million) on Workout Trainer with a large number of trainers looking to feature their content.
  • Chris Kessler and Carl Lewis have developed a platform that helps TV watchers easily create and navigate a custom streaming package to watch their favorite shows. Carl and Chris met at a 2014 Startup Weekend. Shortly afterwards, they conceived the idea for their current company. Chris Kessler worked previously in private equity, most recently working on Corporate Strategy at Nationwide Insurance. Carl Lewis, an accomplished developer, most recently worked as a full-stack Java developer at Nationwide Insurance.
  • Sam Nebel and Charlie Siciak have created a product that aims to refresh busy men and women who are on-the-go, keeping them clean no matter the circumstances. The two met through their FSU college fraternity, where the inception for their company first began through their shared views of consumer cleaning products. Sam Nebel, prior to beginning this current project, was accepted as a Franchisee at Complete Nutrition, later being promoted to its SWOT team. Charlie Siciak was also accepted as a Franchisee at Complete Nutrition before beginning his current company.
  • Beth Gregg and Joe Macaulay are working to connect the mobile shopping experience with the in-store shopping experience, to improve the overall shopping experience for both consumers and marketers. Previously, Beth Gregg built the first Flash Ad Unit to appear on the AOL Service in 2001, built revenue/defined product iterations for JasperLabs (sold to DataXu in 2014), and operated a highly successful team for/built a large percentage of DataXu’s business. Joe Macaulay previously worked as an Account Executive for both Velti and DataXu. Previously, Beth brought Joe on-board at DataXu because of his strong mobile expertise; they’ve been working as a strong team since.
  • Moulay Essakalli, Julie Klear and Nabil Babache are helping children learn foreign languages, empowering them to be young, smart global citizens and succeed in school, all while playing fun games. Moulay Essakalli is CEO of internationally renowned Zid Zid Kids, a company utilizing Moroccan artistic talent to create home furnishings, toys, and wearables for children. He was also selected to attend the President’s Summit on Entrepreneurship in Washington, DC in 2010. Julie Klear is a veteran on art, design, and education; Klear co-founded Zid Zid Kids and served as its creative director. Her first illustrated children’s book, The Butter Man, won 9 notable awards. Nabil Babache is founder and CEO of Nindo Host, a company dedicated to the digitalization of as many Moroccan companies as possible. Alongside his passion and skill in programming, Babache is able to speak four different languages fluently.

Introducing Brandery's 2016 Interns

Camryn – Graphic Design Intern

Hey there!
My name is Camryn and I am excited to serve as the Graphic Design Intern at The Brandery this summer. I just finished up my junior year at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and will graduate next spring with a major in Interactive Media Studies and minor in Graphic Design.

I’m creative at heart with a passion for designing things that make an impact. My last internship at the campus art museum involved promoting the arts and I found this job really rewarding. Although I’ve never worked with startups before, I’m eager to jump right into the fast-paced, team-oriented environment. I believe that design has a special ability to bring ideas to life and I hope to help startups at The Brandery do just that.

Some things on the to-do list: check out some live music, eat my fair share of Gomez tacos, and spend some quality time at Washington Park. I’m looking forward to an exciting and adventure-filled few months!

Jacob – Technical Intern

I am excited to be a part of the team here at the Brandery as the technical intern this summer. I have a passion for the web and just about anything related to technology. I love the idea that something I’ve created from the comfort of my desk can be utilized globally on something as personal as a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Ultimately, I aspire to become a full-stack web developer; working at the Brandery is an excellent step in achieving this goal.

I am from Hamilton, Ohio and am thrilled to explore downtown Cincinnati the entire summer. I recently finished my freshman year at Miami University, majoring in Interactive Media Studies and minoring in Entrepreneurship, with a focus in startups. Eventually, my ambition is to begin my own business — something that will be aided by the experience and knowledge I will undoubtedly gain by working with the Brandery’s 2016 startups. Outside of the office you can most likely catch me at either an FC Cincinnati soccer game or Skyline. I am looking forward to an exciting summer full of adventure and new experiences!

Ravneet – Marketing & Operations Intern

Hi everyone!
My name is Ravneet and I am interning at The Brandery this summer as their Marketing and Operations Intern. I am currently pursuing my MBA at the University of Cincinnati, with a concentration in marketing. The University of Cincinnati is also where I completed my undergraduate studies in Health Sciences (go Bearcats!). Aside from being a student, I love playing sports and dancing. In the next few weeks, I will be forming a sand volleyball league and am currently instructing a dance group in Bhangra (not what you see in Bollywood dances!). When there’s time I also like to dabble in other dances and small plays.

As an MBA student and an athlete I thrive in group settings and overcoming unpredictable obstacles. Being able to communicate effectively, make decisions and follow through are skills school and sports have strengthened throughout the years. Interning at The Brandery I hope to grow professionally and personally. We have an amazing opportunity as interns to learn alongside the class of 2016 as well as be a part of their development. I expect this summer to be full of surprises and exciting events. We have a great team at The Brandery and I can’t wait to meet the new class of 2016!

Curt – Marketing & Operations Intern

Hey everyone – I’m Curt, I’m a Marketing & Operations intern at the Brandery. I currently study Marketing at the University of South Carolina with a minor in English. I feel that effective branding and marketing are at the core of any and every successful business. By joining the Brandery, I’ll be in an environment where strong branding is a keystone to survival; I’ll also be learning from some of the best branding and marketing minds that Cincinnati has to offer.

In the relative long-term, I am interested in brand and product management. This ambition will invariably benefit from my experiences interning at the Brandery this summer. I’m enthusiastic to work with the Brandery’s social media, events, blog, and, most importantly, startups! There is a lot to be learned from the trials of burgeoning companies, and I hope my commitment to the Brandery’s 2016 startup class will aid in its success.

Outside of my internship at the Brandery, I enjoy bicycling through OTR and playing hockey – this summer, I’ll be playing on a men’s league ice team with my dad. I’m also the assistant captain and treasurer of my school’s club roller hockey team for the upcoming year. Looking forward to a great summer!