Weekly Wrapup- Week 5

The weeks seem to be flying by for us! Week five of our program focused primarily on marketing, product, and customer relationship management.

Here’s what we were up to last week:

Tuesday: Kailin Witte, Associate Content Marketing Director at Sanger & Eby, discussed content marketing with our class. We had a Dumpster Fire session with Keystone catering over lunch.

Wednesday: Taylor Valentine, CIO at Horizon Media, talked to the founders and their teams about advertising their brand & product(s). Bryan Radtke held office hours for our class to utilize.

Thursday: Bjorn Simmons from Cintrifuse joined us for a talk about his experience with Wyzerr and Cintrifuse. Sarah Leyschock, from the Labor and Employment group at Taft, to talk to the founders about future growth of their teams.

Friday: Rob McDonald held office hours for the teams.

Our 2017 accelerator class is well on their way to success!