Weekly Wrapup - Week 4

Hard to believe that our accelerator program is already a month in!

Here’s what we were up to last week:

Tuesday: Allen Mason, Principal of Allen Mason Consulting LLC. and Sr. Consultant at Simpactful, came in to talk about consumer understanding. Our teams had 1 on 1s with Monica Penagos, Innovation Manager at P&G’s Signal Accelerator.

We had an ice cream social, provided by Graeter’s, to cap off the day!

Wednesday: Bryan Radtke and The Brandery staff held office hours for the teams.

Thursday: Marvin Abrincia, CEO and Founder of Thrivera, invited us for a storytelling session.

The PNC team provided lunch and talked about their experiences with helping fund startups. The founders’ CEOs met with Ryan Kilpatrick, Senior Tax Accountant at Clark Schaefer Hackett, and Ryan Watson, CFO at Ahalogy.

Friday: Rob McDonald, Co-founder of The Brandery, held office hours for the teams to utilize.