Weekly Wrapup- Week 11

We are now 11 weeks into our 2017 program, with only 5 weeks to go until Demo Day! This week we focused on perfecting our pitches and customer relationship management! Our companies are working hard preparing for the big day, here is what we did this week:

Tuesday: Soapy Soap practiced their pitch and got feedback from the cohort! Daniel from Jumper threads did a Dumpster Fire session over lunch catered by Skyline! For those of you just tuning in to our blog for the first time, a Dumpster Fire is affectionately named, a time for our founders to seek feedback/constructive criticism/support from their peers about pain points, new features, or any issue they might be facing.

Wednesday: we had more pitch practice and Bryan Radtke, co-founder of The Brandery and Vice president of Strategy at Rockfish, held office hours for our class to utilize!

Thursday: Jumper Threads went live on Kickstarter with their new Action Jacket! Check it out here: http://jmpr.rocks/brandery