Weekly Wrapup - Week 3

Week 3 is coming to a close and it’s been a busy one. Our third week focusing heavily on branding work, and we’ve already seen so much progress with the companies that we can’t wait to share with the public!

Monday: Our annual Brandery class photo shoot with our favorite local photographer, Zackariah Cole. We’ll definitely be sharing these gems once we receive the finished images!

Tuesday: Our first Dumpster Fire session of the year. Affectionately named, this is a time for our founders to seek feedback/constructive criticism/support from their peers about pain points, new features, or any issue they might be facing. Joe Medved, Capital Partner at Lerer Hippeau Ventures, sat with the founders to share finance tips. The day capped off with a happy hour for the founders to get to know their new Brandery mentors.

Wednesday: A Conversation with Steve Case. The Co-Founder of Revolution LLC and former CEO of AOL visited Union Hall to discuss the importance of entrepreneurship and community. Later, Brandery alum & mentor Nick Cromydas, CEO at Hunt Club, shared with our teams how to reach profitability and how to effectively scale their businesses.

Thursday: Brand In A Day. Our teams met with their agency partners at 84.51 for an all-day brainstorming session. This is where the magic happens!

Friday: Founder Fridays. Chris Bergman, Founder and CEO of Family Tech, came to talk about his experience with The Brandery and the transition from ChoreMonster to Family Tech.