Brandery hires GM

After a little over a year and a half and two classes through the Brandery’s start-up accelerator, it was time to bring on a full-timer.  We’re happy to welcome Mike Bott to the Brandery as our first General Manager!  Mike has a blend of brand and product management experience from his time at Procter & Gamble, Match.com, AOL and multiple startups that will certainly benefit the future Brandery companies and alums.  For more information on the next evolution of the Brandery, read more here.

We are hiring a General Manager for The Brandery

With the tremendous growth of  The Brandery over the last 18 months, we have decided that it’s time to bring on a full-time General Manager for our program.  This role is going to be at  the epicenter of the Cincinnati startup community work and we are looking for someone who wants to make a lot of great things happen.

If you are interested, you can apply for the job on Startuply.  We’ll be moving fast to fill the role so don’t delay.

General Manager – The Brandery

The Brandery (brandery.org) is a nonprofit which aims to grow Cincinnati’s entrepreneurial community and our national reputation as a Consumer Marketing Hub.  The Brandery takes a thematic approach by focusing on consumer oriented startups and leveraging our region’s strength in marketing, branding, and retail.

The Brandery is predominantly focused on a 3 month long Startup Accelerator that takes place annually in August through October.  Started in 2010, the program has graduated 14 startups from its’ first two classes including Giftiki, VenturePax, RentShare, Roadtrippers and Choremonster.  In a short time, the program has achieved international attention, being named by Kauffman as one of the top 10 accelerators in the country and invited to be a charter member of the TechStars Network.

As The Brandery enters 2012, it’s time to make sure that we build upon the success of these past two years.  With that, The Brandery will be hiring a full-time General Manager who can help fully realize the potential of the program.  We are looking for someone that has a true passion for startups, technology, and the potential of Cincinnati. This will be a person who wants to jump headfirst into Cincinnati’s growing startup ecosystem and really make a lasting impact in our community.

The General Manager will be asked to wear many hats at The Brandery.  These responsibilities include:

  • Coordination of The Brandery Accelerator program including the application process and Demo Day

  • Running day-to-day operations of The Brandery (ie event planning, coordinating scheduling, communication with service providers, etc)

  • Organizing Brandery events in the community (hackathons, guest speakers, workshops)

  • Maintaining communications with the community online via our blog, twitter, Facebook and media

  • Track the impact of The Brandery and our graduates in job creation and other measurements

  • Helping our graduates recruit and hire great employees (and sometimes even find co-founders)

  • Outreach to universities, entrepreneurs and startups nationwide for application to The Brandery

  • Empowering students and others to join (or found their own) Cincinnati startups

  • Organizing The Brandery fundraising, financial tracking and financial reporting to supporters

An ideal candidate should:

  • Value mentoring

  • Enjoy meeting people and helping build a community

  • Possess technical ability sufficient to manage spreadsheets, wikis, blogs, etc.

  • Possess communication/expression ability sufficient to keep our community updated with coherent concise text

  • Be comfortable with a job requiring the diversity of high-level and low-level tasks described above

  • Be very, very, very organized

  • Share the values of our team and a 20 year vision for building Cincinnati’s startup community