Company Highlight: Fadstir


With the recent announcement of the Brandery class of 2016, we are excited to feature each company in its own blog post! Each day we’ll post a new blog highlighting one of the startups in this year’s cohort. As we are officially two months out from Demo Day, get to know the names and faces behind the company!

Today we’ll be highlighting Fadstir.

Pictured (left to right): CTO, Rob Resma; CEO, Emmanuel Igbinosa; CMO, Tenzin Chagzoetsang

What does your company do?

We provide practical style advice for the on-the-go, young professional. We’re gathering trending, fashion data on how outfits are being pieced together and through our app, we’re then parsing and curating this information using algorithms, user-feedback and stylists. We then take this valuable data to instantly show users and businesses how to piece together outfits.

What attracted you to apply to the Brandery?

It was a mixture of the uniquely focused emphasis on branding and the amount of intimately accessible resources through the community of mentors, advisers and businesses.

How did the team come together?

We all we’re Stanford graduates and ultimately united through this network in some way. Emmanuel and I (Tenzin) we’re best friends in college and post college, decided to pursue this idea after experiencing the challenges in now being expected to dress well but not having as much leisurely time to stay up on trends as we did when we were younger. We later recruited Rob, who was still in school, through our alumni network. We immediately bonded and have been in business ever since.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned at the Brandery, so far?

We knew how great of a startup ecosystem Cincinnati had developed but we didn’t realize how genuinely interested and invested the community was in seeing all us young businesses succeed. The amount of support and resources is incredible!

What do you like the most about Cincinnati?

It’s great how amidst all the economic development and city renovations, you can still feel a deep rooted culture and charm to the city.

Did you have an “aha!” moment?

We’ve experienced multiple “aha” moments since being here, but it was working with our creative agency to really understand our target consumer and what they were looking for in our services that might have been the most enlightening. Through branding exercises and data analysis, we were able to really hone in on this person and not surprisingly, all of us in the team matched the profile of our user.

The pictures used in this blog post were captured by Zackariah Cole, visit his website at http://www.zackariahcole.com/.