Weekly Wrapup- Week 12

It’s hard to believe we just finished up our 12th week! As we get closer to Demo Day our cohort’s main focus is perfecting their pitches!

Tuesday we did our CEO stand Up catered by Adriatico’s pizza, then did pitch practice! Tuesday Night we had a meetup with Startup Cincy’s very own, Everything But The House (EBTH) a Cincinnati-based online estate auction! In the last five years – since EBTH brought on additional owners and executives in Andy and Jon Nielsen and Mike Reynolds and decided to expand – the company went on to raise more than $84.5 million in venture capital and is on track to break $100 million in revenue this year. Aaron and Nathan brought their friends Eric and Christine from Embrace.io for drinks and chatter at Union Hall. Embrace.io is a great partner of EBTH and we were happy to introduce them to all of our friends in the Cincy community. For a little background, they provide a full toolset for mobile monitoring performance optimization. In fact, they let you look up any user and see all the technical details for any session so you can understand the experience that the user had (slow, freeze, crash, missed bid, no image shown…) and what have contributed it (network call, memory, CPU, code issue, 3rd party code, etc.)

Wednesday: We did more pitch practice! (Everyday is Pitch Practice here at the Brandery!)

Thursday: Obe started filming for their commercial at Branderyhaus! We had so much fun and the puppies were adorable! If you would like to learn more about Obe check out this link: https://obedog.com/
We also released Demo Day tickets to the General Public. If you would like to join us, hundreds of investors, mentors and Brandery supporters from around the country on October 10, 2017 for the showcase of our most exciting class yet please RSVP here: re.tc/demoday You’ll learn about the seven startups currently in The Brandery’s nationally-ranked accelerator program and have the opportunity to network with the founders before the pitches. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED TO ATTEND This year’s Demo Day will be held at Memorial Hall in Over-the-Rhine!

Friday: We joined with Cintrifuse to throw a Happy Hour party on Union Hall’s rooftop to celebrate the companies currently in StartupCincy! This was to give everyone a chance to connect and network with one another. StartupCincy is bursting with accelerator activity right now! We have some classes like ourselves, Hillman, and the new Music Accelerator winding down and preparing for demo day while others like Founder Institute and UpTech are just kicking off!

Brandery Class 7 Wraps With Demo Day 2016


After a whirlwind summer, we welcomed 10 more dynamic and diverse startups as graduates of The Brandery’s nationally ranked accelerator program. Our founders gave it their all over the course of 15 rigorous weeks, and we’re excited to see their continued growth! Here’s a quick summary of each of the ten companies, as well as links to their Demo Day pitches; if you’re interested in reaching out to any of them as a potential customer, investor, or mentor, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@brandery.org.

Atumate is a turnkey IoT device that lets any scientist securely access and control any instrument anytime, from anywhere, wirelessly. Demo Day Pitch

Datazar is a collaboration platform engineered to consolidate and accelerate research, enabling users to explore and understand data in the fastest, most effective way possible. Demo Day Pitch

Fadstir is a recommendation platform that uses machine learning and crowdsourced data to automate online retailers’ ability to cross-sell their inventory more effectively. Demo Day Pitch

Goodwipes is taking over the wet wipes market with a fresh approach. Cool, convenient, and eco-friendly, Goodwipes makes staying clean and confident a breeze, wherever you are. Demo Day Pitch

Hatchli is a community sounding board for new ideas, which provides the early feedback and collaboration that ideas need to either take flight or fail fast. Demo Day Pitch

Scent Trunk uses a direct to consumer fragrance subscription to figure out what people like to smell, giving them the ability to design fragrances and products customers will love. Demo Day Pitch

ShopperBridge uses geographical mobile targeting to deliver marketing advertising messages to consumers in the store. Demo Day Pitch

StreamSavvy has reimagined a curated, customized TV guide for the streaming generation, helping people discover and access the best streaming TV. Demo Day Pitch

Upshift is an on-demand labor marketplace where businesses can find workers and workers can find jobs on a short-term basis. Demo Day Pitch

Zid Zid has created a platform that empowers children to discover world languages with their parents, using a proprietary learning approach based on blending real-world creative play with on-screen activities. Demo Day Pitch

Introducing The Brandery's 2016 Startups


Today marks the beginning of Week 6 of The Brandery’s 2016 accelerator program. Our founders have relocated to Cincinnati, settled in to their new office space at Union Hall, and are working their way towards Demo Day!

We’ve previously given you some information on the founders accepted into the 2016 class, but have kept the company names a bit under wraps. Why? Well, one of the hallmark characteristics of The Brandery’s curriculum is the 1:1 match-up with a world class marketing agency provided to our startups. In these initial sessions with their agency partners, the companies often refine their mission and possibly even change their names and/or logo. Now that that’s all out of the way, we’re excited to share our 2016 startups:

Upshift (formerly Pinch) is an on-demand labor marketplace where businesses can find workers and workers can find jobs on a short-term basis. Our mission is to make labor as reliable as electricity.
Fadstir is a pragmatic, stylist app for the style challenged, young professional. It is a platform for direct style advice on how to match the clothes you own and shop the clothes you need. Fadstir crowdsources all of its style advice from a community of fashion enthusiasts through an algorithmic, recommendation engine so all answers are reliable and credible.
Zid Zid (formerly Petit Zarafa) empowers kids to play, learn, and grow together with their parents. The company combines the best in early childhood education with the best in technology by providing an innovative online platform centered on language development through creative play.
StreamSavvy makes it easy to stream the best TV. In the complex and constantly changing world of streaming television, StreamSavvy helps people find and access their favorite content through a single, engaging platform.
Hatchli is a crowdsourced feedback platform poised to disrupt the traditional innovative process for both individuals and organizations. By bringing together innovators, makers, and trend-seekers, Hatchli provides the early feedback and exposure needed for great ideas to take flight.
Scent Trunk is perfecting the experience of discovering a fragrance you love. Our technology can figure out what you like to smell so we can send you the best fragrances each month. By collecting data on our scent preferences we are figuring out what the world likes to smell, and we will use this to change how all scent products are made.
ShopperBridge helps CPG companies leverage mobile advertising to get advertising and shopper marketing messages onto the cell phone of shoppers while they are in store at the closest moments to product selection.
Goodwipes complements the modern consumer’s busy, on-the-go lifestyle, keeping you fresh, clean and confident wherever, whenever. With our high-style, convenient and eco-friendly take on wet-wipes, you can now live life clean.
Datazar is a research collaboration platform engineered to consolidate and accelerate your research. By streamlining the research process we enable you to explore and understand the data in the fastest most effective way.
Atumsoft is a turnkey IoT device that lets any scientist access any instrument anytime from anywhere in wireless range. The hands-on days of babysitting an experiment are long gone. Atumsoft gives you complete control, untethers access to data, and frees scientists completely to focus on science.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be taking a closer look at each one here on our blog so make sure to keep checking back. We’re looking forward to sharing their journey towards Demo Day with all of you!

Two Truths and a Lie, Brandery Style


As we near Demo Day 2014 (only 33 more days!) and begin to reflect on the summer, we realized we’ve learned some really… weird things about the startups in the Class of 2014. While we could just list some fun facts about the founders, we thought it may be more fun for you to guess. Therefore, we give you: two truths and a lie about six of the teams in the program.

Guess the most correctly and we’ll hook you up with two tickets to see the eleven startups pitch at the Aronoff’s Jarson-Kaplan Theater on October 15th at 8 am.

Sound like fun? Start guessing the lies.

We’ll post the results and the winner on October 1st.

Demo Day 2013 and Beyond


On Wednesday, we held our fourth annual Demo Day at the Aronoff’s Jarson-Kaplan theater in downtown Cincinnati. About 430 investors, mentors, agency partners, community supporters, friends, and family packed the house to see the immense progress that the companies have made in just four months.

It was a beautiful setting to celebrate the hard work of the teams. The Jarson-Kaplan theater’s ambience set the focus on the startups from the beginning. Excitement buzzed in the lobby as attendees waited to hear the newest disruptors present their products to the world. The professionalism of the Aronoff’s crew, our tech friends at Pebble Creek, and catering from Busken, Vonderhaars, and Daisy Mae’s Market made for a great morning from start to finish.

Brandery GM Mike Bott kicked off the morning with background on The Brandery, highlighting the unbelievable growth “up and to the right” of this class of startups— on their keg consumption.

They may play hard, but we have also never seen a class so strong at The Brandery. 8 of the 9 startups were able to generate revenue by Demo Day, which is an absolutely tremendous accomplishment in four months. The pitches were representative of that hard work, with beautifully designed decks and perfect delivery on the part of the presenters.

Attendees were encouraged to share their reactions to the pitches on Twitter, and we got some overwhelming responses.

There’s already been some press about the event, including the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Business Courier.
Right as Demo Day began, the Brandery grads’ portfolio pages went live on our site. You can get overviews of each startup as well as contact information on their respective pages, here.

But Demo Day was never the finish line for the nine startups in our fourth accelerator session.

Yes, Demo Day on Wednesday was their first big step, but now the training wheels are off. On Thursday, the startups had their final official meeting of the program with Mike Bott. “Now the real roller coaster begins,” he said.
Until now, the startups have been in the safe environment of The Brandery, using each other as support and motivation. Now, some of them will return home, some will stay, but the program is officially over. No more hard deadlines, workshops, or speakers.
But while the day-to-day scheduling for the startups is over, they are welcome to work out of The Brandery for free for the next 8 or more months as they transition. Mentoring will still be provided, and we’ll continue to coach them whenever needed. The companies will stay in touch with most of their rockstar teams of mentors and agency partners as well.
If you haven’t met them already, we have the perfect occasion for you: our first Community Pitch Event, open to all, will be on Tuesday at Rhinegeist.

We’re more than confident that these nine teams will do big things. You’ll be hearing from them soon.

And to the 2013 class, thank you for your hard work. Thank you for helping to “Startup Cincy.” We know you’ll make us proud.

FlightCar, SocStock, and Impulcity Updates

More updates from our 2012 graduates! Below are some post-demo-day-developments from FlightCar, SocStock and Impulcity.

FlightCar (Co-founders Kevin Petrovic, Rujul Zaparde and Shri Ganeshram) relocated to San Francisco after Demo Day. Their site will be live on February 1st and their first site will be located at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Later this week, they team will begin allowing people to list/rent cars on their platform. If you’re traveling to/from San Francisco soon, check out this awesome opportunity to save yourself some money.

SocStock (Founder Jay Finch) launched their online platform to a solid crowd at the Know Theater in Cincinnati. They generated a significant amount of excitement on both the small business and consumer ends. Over $50,000 in Socstock has been offered to the community to date.

Impulcity (co-founders Hunter Hammonds and Austin Cameron) are gearing up for their public launch. After raising a seed round shortly after demo day and completing a successful beta run, the team rebuilt their app to be faster and simpler. Impulcity will launch their own local event series, starting in Cincinnati, to promote their app and create awesome events. Check in for updates on their event series developments!

8 companies launch at 2011 Brandery Demo Day

Yesterday we launched our eight 2011 graduates at Demo Day.  In front of a crowd of over 350 investors, the companies did an amazing job and we could not be more proud.  The 2011 graduates included:

  • Choremonster
  • Keepio
  • Leap
  • Receept
  • RentShare
  • Roadtrippers
  • Spaciety
  • StyleZen

We received a great write-up from Tech Cocktail while Laura Baverman from the Cincinnati Enquirer provided live updates throughout at Enter Change.

The Brandery graduates 6 new start-ups in Cincinnati

It is hard to believe that only 12 weeks ago, The Brandery was just getting started with our inaugural class of companies.   Fast forward to today and we will be graduating 6 amazing start-ups at our first Demo Day on Thursday, November 18th.   We have a sold-out crowd of 150 venture capitalists, investors and entrepreneurs joining us at the LPK Innovation Center for what should be a fun-filled and exciting morning.

The day will start off with a keynote by Ben Lerer, founder of Thrillist.com and Lerer Ventures.  We then move onto the pitches as our 6 Brandery graduates take the stage to share their stories.   Presenting on stage will be:

  • Giftiki: the online version of a greeting card with money enclosed, allowing users to conveniently give gifts digitally to friends and family.

  • Idea Rally: an open innovation web app which helps students voice their ideas for brands in a fun, game-like atmosphere

  • LifeBlinx: a Facebook Application that takes your selected status updates, classic comments and favorite photos from Facebook and organizes them into printed memory books.

  • TurboBOTZ: a service that makes it effortless for video gamers to manage the games they own as well as to buy, sell, or trade their used video games all within a single online environment.

  • VenturePax: a website and soon-to-be mobile application making it effortless for you to discover your local outdoors, fun to engage your friends and rewarding to track how active you are.

  • VenueAgent: a website that offers discounted event space to users, helping venues sell unbooked dates at their facility via online transactions.

If you aren’t able to join us in Cincinnati, we will be live streaming the event over at uStream starting around 9 AM EST.  We will also be taking the companies on a road show to be New York City (December 1st) and San Francisco (December 7th), so let us know if you’d want to meet any of them.