Company Highlight: Datazar


With the recent announcement of the Brandery class of 2016, we are excited to feature each company in its own blog post! Each day we’ll post a new blog highlighting one of the startups in this year’s cohort. As we are officially two months out from Demo Day, get to know the names and faces behind the company!

Today we’ll be highlighting Datazar, a local team from Cincinnati!

Pictured (left to right): CMO, Brian Back; CEO, Aman Tsegai

What does your company do?

Datazar is an ecosystem built to uncover the most important asset in science and educated decision making, raw data. The Datazar platform was engineered to consolidate the essential components of the research process, while accelerating discoveries. Datazar users are able to upload and manage data publicly or privately, collaborate individually or within teams, conduct cloud-based analysis, and track the impact of their data over time.

What attracted you to apply to the Brandery?

Having both been involved in the Brandery as well as the StartupCincy ecosystem in the past, it was an environment we both believed would be a great fit for us. We had seen this ecosystem from an outsider’s perspective for so long that we had to be a part of it with a company of our own.

How did the team come together?

Aman and Brian met while sitting on the leadership team for a student organization on UC’s campus, Bearcat Launchpad. Launchpad is an organization that serves as an accelerator of sorts for student ran businesses. Brian served as the Vice President of Bearcat Launchpad and Aman served as the Technology Director. After only a couple weeks of knowing each other, Aman reached out to Brian about getting involved with his project, Datazar.

What do you like the most about Cincinnati?

Skyline. The Chili or the visual outline of the city’s buildings. Both are beautiful sights.

The pictures used in this blog post were captured by Zackariah Cole, visit his website at http://www.zackariahcole.com/.