Company Highlight: Obe Dog and Cat Products

With the recent announcement of the Brandery accelerator class of 2017, we are excited to highlight each of the companies with their own blog post! Every day, we will post about one of the seven companies in our class for you to learn more about. Only two months separate us from Demo Day, so let’s get to know the names and faces behind the companies!

Today we’ll be featuring Obe Dog and Cat Products!

Hilary Jensen, CEO

What does your company do?

Obe creates smart products that focus on improving pet health and happiness. We won the grand prize for Pet Care Innovation from Nestle Purina this year and have won the RedDot Product Design Award too. Our flagship product is ProBowl, which combines a smart scale that connects to WiFi and your phone with a dishwasher safe bowl that comes in four sizes- one just right for your pet. We take care of the day to day details for consumers- you’ll never run out of pet food again, no more confusion or back and forth communication about who fed your pet or if the pet food’s been picked up, and we make it easy for everyone to feed their pet the right amount- even your eight year old (or your in-laws!). We are first to market with Amazon dash replenishment smart delivery. Because Obe ProBowl knows what pet food you ordered and what size package, and we know how much you feed your pet every time, we have your pet food automatically delivered without you having to lift a finger- a smart subscription! We also get data insights on consumer behavior and consumption that were previously unavailable- so the pet industry can finally get objective, first party data to help them create better product and offerings.

The Obe ProBowl makes it easy to keep your pet happy and healthy.

What attracted you to apply to the Brandery?

One of my advisors, and previously one of the best managers I ever had, came from Proctor and Gamble. Though Obe and our product roadmap is very much founded on technology and big data, we are first and foremost a consumer brand and consumer product. The Brandery was the perfect fit to help us take Obe to the next level while emphasizing what we value most- delivering a delightful service to our customers.
How did the team come together? Dmitry and I have worked together for the last year and a half. We were introduced through a colleague of mine from LoopNet who is a very demanding product manager. We haven’t looked back!

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned at the Brandery, so far?

I have just been pleasantly surprised and pleased with the incredibly supportive founders, staff, mentors and fellow classmates.

What do you like the most about Cincinnati?

I am loving the friendly and helpful residents. I had such a great time at the Jimmy Buffet concert my first week- and the fun, friendly people I saw there are all around the area!

Did you have an “aha!” moment?

Yes! Watch about it here.

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