Company Highlight: Jumper Threads

With the recent announcement of the Brandery accelerator class of 2017, we are excited to highlight each of the companies with their own blog post! Every day, we will post about one of the seven companies in our class for you to learn more about. Only two months separate us from Demo Day, so let’s get to know the names and faces behind the companies!

Today we’ll be highlighting Jumper Threads!

Daniel Redlinger (left), Matt Greene (center) and Andy Mallett (right)

What does your company do?

JUMPER designs and manufactures un-basic basic apparel. We bring innovative designs, premium textiles, breathability, and stretch to your everyday basic wear. We’re focused on improving socks, underwear, undershirts, basic t-shirts, fleece products, and any apparel you might rely on that has simply become a commodity for so many years.

Jumper Threads Action Jacket available on presale now.

What attracted you to apply to the Brandery?

We had a very ambitious product development pipeline for 2017, so the timing for the Brandery’s program was perfect. We were most excited about the branding agency relationship and the idea that we would be paired with a strong branding team to help launch our new products. The mentorship, networks, and business resources were also very compelling.

How did the team come together?

Andy and I are brothers-in-law. He’s been in the premium ski wear apparel business for ten years and I’m coming from the commercial real estate finance world. I had the idea for JUMPER and he had proven design experience and a supply chain.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned at the Brandery, so far?

The depth to which the Brandery’s network goes. It’s beyond impressive.

What do you like the most about Cincinnati?

I’m a native Cincinnatian, so the list is long. At the top of the list is the transformation of Over the Rhine. There are also so many other things love about the city, like the Cincinnati Art Museum, Opening Day, the Bengals yearly playoff appearance, Coffee Please in Madeira, Nippert Stadium, and the overall balance of living in a big-little city.

Did you have an “aha!” moment?

My aha moment was in a locker room after a workout. I was looking at my undershirt and thinking about how it comes un-tucked all day long and I was wondering if there was any innovation in the undershirt world. At that time, I realized that I was getting ready to turn 40 years old and basically wearing the same quality and brands of undershirts that my mom bought me. I thought “there had to be a better way!"

For more information on Jumper Threads, go to jumperthreads.com.