Company Highlight: Gainful

The Brandery accelerator class of 2017 was released last week! To follow up, we are excited to highlight each of the companies with their own blog post! Every day, we will post about one of the seven companies in our class for you to learn more about. Only two months seperate us from Demo Day, so let’s get to know the names and faces behind the companies!

Today we’ll be highlighting Gainful!

Jaahan Ansari (left), Eric Wu (middle) and Jeffrey Yan (right).

What does your company do?

Gainful believes in approachable wellness. Our flagship product is personalized protein powder, delivered monthly to your doorstep. Customers fill out an easy, 5-minute online consultation to receive their perfect protein blend. We also give every customer 1-on-1 access to their very own Registered Dietitian, and we encourage folks to use their R.D. to fine-tune their personal fitness & nutrition.

What attracted you to apply to the Brandery?

Full disclosure – we applied to a lot of accelerator programs across the country. But, The Brandery was a no-brainer because of its focus on consumer packaged goods. We’re a very mission-driven company, and we knew The Brandery’s expertise & resources would help us 1) better communicate our mission through branding and 2) find our “tribe” – the folks who connect most meaningfully with this mission.

How did the team come together?

I’ve known Jeffrey since elementary school, and we both became friends with Jahaan during high school soccer (back in California). Honestly, we’ve spent an obscene amount of time together.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned at the Brandery, so far?

It’s really not that hard to live on $500/month.

What do you like the most about Cincinnati?

Skyline Chili gave me a stomach ache. But, I love that people genuinely care about the city. I’ve lived in LA, SF, DC, and New York – places full of pretentious, coastal yuppies (ha, that’s me). Everyone pays a lot of lip-service, but few people adore their city the way that it seems every last Cincinnatian does. Everyone is trying to impact change in their own way.

Did you have an “aha!” moment?

For Gainful, “aha!” moments are everyday and unavoidable. We’ve been subjected to them our whole lives, and you probably have too. Walk into any GNC – the experience feels like it was designed specifically to overwhelm you, belittle you, and freak you out. The fitness industry is full of ripped muscle-heads and gorgeous models. The more inadequate and imperfect you feel, the better they sell. Nobody is taking a step back to say: “Everyone is unique, why do I have to look like that?”

Is it too much to ask for down-to-earth, approachable wellness? We don’t think so.

For more information on Gainful, visit gogainful.com.