RentShare and Chalky Announce Acquisitions

“This acquisition is a huge milestone and is a testament to all the hard work and dedication we’ve put towards our product and company. We’re thrilled to be joining the i3 Verticals team and I’m incredibly appreciative of all The Brandery did for us over the years to assist in kick-starting and growing RentShare, helping lead us to this opportunity.”

- Ian Halpern, CEO, RentShare

We’re thrilled to announce that two graduates of The Brandery, RentShare (2011) and Chalky (2013), have been acquired. RentShare has been acquired by i3 Verticals, a technology-centric payment company focused on providing solutions to its clients throughout the U.S. Chalky has been acquired by Admittedly, a platform that helps high school students find their dream schools and get accepted.

Charlie and Isaac, the co-founders of Chalky

“The Brandery had a strong positive influence on our foundation and early progress,” said Isaac Madan, CEO of Chalky. “We learned aggressively during the program via a diverse set of mentors and fellow founders.”

When companies enter The Brandery each year, many dream of some day being acquired. It’s exciting to see our graduates reach that inflection point, and we’re anxiously anticipating the next big thing these founders will do. Congratulations to the RentShare and Chalky teams!

Startups in the Class of 2015 to Have New Housing Option

Picture this: You’re a three-person team of entrepreneurs with the next big idea, from, let’s say, San Francisco or NYC or Vancouver. You just got accepted to The Brandery and need to move to Cincinnati within three weeks for the kickoff of the program. You’re spending 18+ hours a day working on your startup. Housing in a new city is the last thing you have time to worry about.

We’re constantly asking ourselves (and our alums), “What can we do to make our entrepreneurs’ lives a little easier?” Year after year, finding affordable housing, close to the office, with a landlord who’s willing to negotiate a short-term lease is a major pain point. What if you could just check a box and know you’re getting the best deal in the best neighborhood?

We’re thrilled to be working with Urban Sites to bring affordable startup housing to our neighborhood in downtown Cincinnati, Over-the-Rhine. For those who live in town, we know the renaissance of the neighborhood is one of the most incredible success stories in the city. The way the few blocks around our office have exploded with restaurants, bars, businesses, and startup offices in the past few years has been inspiring. However, living in the “trendy” neighborhood sometimes comes with trendy prices. Instead of more entrepreneurs moving into the neighborhood where the entrepreneurial spirit is so perfectly represented, more were moving away. If we want this area to become the startup hub we know it can be, we need founders living in it. Rent prices will be slightly subsidized, making them affordable for entrepreneurs’ budgets.

Here’s what’s within proximity of our new startup house:

  • The Brandery – 3 blocks
  • Frameri (2013 graduate) HQ – 3 blocks
  • Sqrl (2013 graduate) HQ – 4 blocks
  • The new Cincinnati startup hub, which will eventually house The Brandery, Cintrifuse, and CincyTech – 2 blocks
  • Roadtrippers (2011 graduate) HQ – 6 blocks
  • Modulus (2012 graduate) HQ – 7 blocks
  • Choremonster (2012 graduate) HQ – 6 blocks
  • Dozens and dozens of incredible, award-winning restaurants and bars, an urban market, concert venues, breweries, and a huge portion of the creative class living and working within 10 blocks

The building will be ready for move-in on June 1, just in time for our 6th accelerator class. Read more about the initiative in the Business Courier.