Two Truths and a Lie: The Big Reveal


A couple of weeks ago, we played a game of Two Truths and a Lie with the Class of 2014. We said the winner would win tickets to our Demo Day (two weeks from today), and that winner is Veronica Stecker! Congrats Veronica, you were able to guess at random a little better than everyone else. Veronica Stecker is a digital marketing strategist from San Francisco who recently moved to Cincinnati and, so far, she loves it here! She is very excited to attend Demo Day as she has a passion for disruptive technology and can’t wait to hear how the startups will radically impact their industries. Woohoo!
If you tried and failed, you can still see the startups pitch at our Community Pitch Event on October 23. Register here.

Here are the correct answers:

1. MusicPlay Analytics (Dayton, OH)

CEO & Co-founder Eron Bucciarelli-Tieger was the drummer of the platinum-selling rock band Hawthorne Heights for years before starting MusicPlay Analytics. He’s played some pretty sick shows in his day.

TRUE – Eron toured with Metallica.
LIE - Eron toured with Beck.
TRUE – Eron toured with Linkin Park.

Although he didn’t tour with Beck, he did play a European music festival where Beck headlined.

2. Shelfie (Boston, MA)

CTO & Co-founder of Shelfie Edward Betancourt is a former Lincoln Lab developer, marathon runner, and…

TRUE – Edward has never seen a full Star Wars movie.
TRUE – Edward cannot eat onions.
LIE - Edward has never had a piercing.

He’s not proud of it, but Edward used to have his cartilage pierced.

3. Wax Music (Formerly LuckyPennie, Los Angeles, CA)

Jonathan Lane, CEO & Co-founder of Wax Music, has over ten years experience in the music industry, working as Head of Digital Sales and Marketing at Rocket Science/Adrenaline Records.

LIE - Jonathan was bitten by a poisonous snake.
TRUE – Jonathan once had flamingo pink hair.
TRUE – Jonathan sneezes three times every time he goes into the sun.

There’s not really a story behind this one. We’re not surprised about the hair, but the sneezing is a little… odd.

4. Strap (Vicksburg, MS)

CEO & Co-founder of Strap Steve Caldwell is a full-stack developer, proud Mississippi State grad, and wanted to share that he’s touched some unusual things:

LIE - Steve has touched a 12 foot wild alligator.
TRUE – Steve has touched Jesse Jackson.
TRUE – Steve has touched Tom Brady.

We were pretty sure everyone in Mississippi has touched an alligator, but apparently not. Steve met the Reverend in an airport and Tom Brady at a golf course.

5. popad (Chicago, IL)

At The Brandery, we affectionately refer to John McClelland (CEO & Co-founder of popad) as “John McLegend.” Ex-Army Ranger, ex-Groupon, ex-McKinsey, ex-so-many-crazy-stories-you-wouldn’t-believe. We knew guessing John’s truths and lies would be a challenge.

LIE - John did two tours in Iraq.
TRUE – Helped advocate (successfully) for the passage of two federal laws.
TRUE – John is one degree of separation from Kurt Cobain, Lady Gaga, and Osama Bin Laden.

This one was tricky. John actually did three tours in Iraq (and one in Afghanistan) during his time as a Special Operations Combat Medic. Yes, he’s one degree of separation from those people, and yes, he helped advocate for some laws, including the passage of the post-9/11 G.I. Bills.

6. HireWheel (Cincinnati, OH)

A dark horse candidate in the race to be the most interesting person in the Class of 2014, Steve Sperry, CTO & Co-founder of HireWheel, surprised us with his incredibly detailed truths and lie.

LIE - Steve was featured on the dating show “Ship Mates” which was set on cruise ships sailing from Florida to the Caribbean.
TRUE – Steve saved an 11 month old girl by grabbing the ribbons of her onesie before she could tumble down a flight of stairs.
TRUE – Steve was an ordained Buddhist Monk while on sabbatical in the foothills of Thailand; going weeks at a time without speaking.

Steve was cast for “Ship Mates,” but his segments on the show never aired. In other words, he’s probably the only person in history to have been cast for a dating show and been a monk.

Bonus: Marketing intern Brian, a third-year business student at the University of Cincinnati, has been to 11 states.

How many did you guess correctly?