ChoreMonster Rewards Kids for Doing Household Chores

Every parent knows getting a child to help out with chores can be a chore of its own, and Cincinnati-based startup ChoreMonster is hoping to help fix that. Much like household management app HighScore House, which we covered earlier this year, ChoreMonster is aimed at making chores a fun task by rewarding kids upon completion. According to ChoreMonster co-founder Chris Bergman, their integration of interactive monsters as rewards for kids has been a driving force behind 71 percent of users using ChoreMonster on a weekly basis. The company, which has 3,000 users in its private beta, plans to launch to the public in the next three months.

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New Online Tool for Parents: ChoreMonster!

Okay parents, you are about to get really excited. I’m introducing you to a new tool called ChoreMonster. For many kids, chores are something that they try to avoid at all costs, but this web/mobile app makes chores fun by turning them into a game. Parents assign chores to their kids and set a number of points that will be earned when a specific chore is completed. They also create real-life rewards (ice cream, a new video game, a trip to the zoo, etc.) that can be redeemed by the children with the points that they’ve earned. Click through the jump to learn more!

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ChoreMonster Aims to Make Chores Fun and Rewarding for Kids and Parents

Thinking back to chores as a kid probably doesn’t surface the most fond of memories. For most, they were a necessary evil that was just part of life. ChoreMonster‘s founders, Chris Bergman and Paul Armstrong, are looking to change all that. They believe chores should be fun and engaging and can be with ChoreMonster. I was skeptical at first, too, but after talking with Bergman and playing with the product, I think they might be right.

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