Startup Interview: Choremonster

Choremonster is a suite of web and mobile applications that makes kids want to do their chores. Parents set the chores and kids gain points for doing them that they can turn in for real life rewards, like an hour of xbox, a television show or even a canoe trip. Kids can also unlock over 250 monsters as they earn points for doing their chores each day.We sat down with Chris Bergman, from Choremonster, to learn a little more about how the company is doing after demo day and his experience at the Brandery.

What would you tell someone if they were thinking about applying to the Brandery?

Do it! There is little to no risk and the reward is countless. I’ve met a few startups who’ve felt that they weren’t quite ready to apply. Choremonster had a logo and an idea. We could have very easily used that excuse and skipped it. Instead we’re now building a great product and company.

How is ChoreMonster doing after Demo day?

Fantastic. We raised a seed round shortly after demo day and are currently in private beta. Our users love our product and are giving us great feedback to make it better every day.

Why did you want to attend the gaming conference in San Francisco?

The conference was GDC (Game Developer’s Conference.) I attended specifically to learn. I wanted to know more about game design theory as well as better practices for production.

Was there anything at the conference that inspired you for ChoreMonster?

Absolutely. I attended a game design workshop run by Frank Lantz of Zynga where we spent two full days working in game design. The exercises were enlightening to say the least. Also, any time I have the opportunity to hear George Fan (the creator of Plants vs. Zombies) speak, I jump on that action.

What has been the biggest struggle with the release of your beta?

More time! Time is definitely are biggest enemy. We have so many amazing features that we want to implement! However, we also want to delight everyone with our product as quickly as possible. It definitely requires a balance in priority.

What is the next step for ChoreMonster?

We’re continuing to work in our private beta and will open the gates to all users in the future.

Is there anything else you want to add?

I can’t wait to see what this year’s Brandery class brings!