Office Hours

Applications for the next Brandery class are now live, so we’re hosting multiple “office hours” to help applicants get to know The Brandery a bit better.  This will give founders and startups a chance to meet the folks behind The Brandery and introduce themselves beyond just their applications.  Several founders from our first two classes of companies will be in attendance, so you’ll can get their first hand experience.

If you have been thinking of applying for the 2012 Brandery class and joining one of the top 10 startup accelerators in the country, then we would love to meet you in person.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Brandery General Manager Mike Bott at mike@brandery.org.

Cincinnati Office Hours

  • WHO:  Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs who want to apply to The Brandery

  • WHEN: Tuesday April 3 from 5:00 PM- 7:00 PM

  • WHERE: Brandery 1411 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

  • WHAT: Register at http://branderyapril3.eventbrite.com

Virtual Office Hours

  • WHO:  Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs who want to apply to The Brandery

  • WHEN: Tuesday April 17 from 5:00 PM- 8:00 PM

  • WHERE: Online more details to come

  • WHAT: Register at http://branderyvirtual.eventbrite.com

Indianapolis Office Hours

  • WHO:  Startup Enthusiasts, Founders & Entrepreneurs

  • WHEN: Week of April 23 (Date/Time TBD)

  • WHERE: Indy – more details to come

  • WHAT: The Brandery’s take on “Why Branding is Essential to Startup Success”

Brandery in WSJ

As recently highlighted in the Wall Street Journal, marketing guidance for start-ups is growing and offering a range of new programs promising to provide start-ups with better access to traditional ad agencies and major marketers. “Incubator” programs such as the Brandery pair start-up entrepreneurs with mentors from larger, established companies like P&G and Landor. The Brandery is open to early-stage entrepreneurs around the country seeking marketing and branding advice as they work to get their business ideas off the ground. Start-ups usually focus on the technology not how they brand themselves. The Brandery is there to help the start-ups sell their brand and fill this gap in their business model. Read more about big firms mentoring start-ups and the Brandery at http://ow.ly/9YITF<http://t.co/NfRfcDqM>.

Brandery in Entrepreneur Magazine

A strong brand can set you apart from the competition and lead you to success.This month in Entrepreneur Magazine, the Brandery is being featured as place to help businesses identify what differentiates them from their competition. You sometimes need an outsider’s perspective on how to build your identity and The Brandery gives startups just that. Startups in the accelerator program are paired up with brand marketers, designers, researchers and 8-10 mentors with related expertise. Read more about The Brandery and how branding can help you at http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/223127#

Startup Bus Feedback Needed!

Mike Bott here from The Brandery, and I need your help.

We’re flying down I-75 in Cincy Startup Bus on our way to Nashville, and we need feedback on our business idea.  When we arrive at SXSW in Austin, we’re going to be pitching against buses from all over the US + Mexico City.  Here’s the ask: read our concept below and comment on this blog or tweet your thoughts to @SimplyDoneCo. The Startup Bus company with the most feedback will get a boost towards the Finals.

Problem: I should know, but I don’t. There are firsts in everyone’s life. Everything is under control, and then you find yourself in a situation that’s completely foreign.  The stress and discomfort of not being exactly sure what you should do next is palpable.  A few examples:

-       planning a wedding,

-       starting a business (or a StartupBus business!),

-       buying your first house,

-       having your first child or getting a pet.

You feel like you should know how to proceed, but you are wrought with doubt and a nagging feeling. Uncertainty overshadows the excitement of the event.

Solution: By building a brand around providing credible, time-based, personalized guides, SimplyDone.co will help you feel more confident about your knowledge, selections and planning for that something you’ve never experienced before.  To make the most of the experience, you’ll have a simple timeline you can use to reign in the big day, chalked full of expert advice, user generated content (ie, check out how someone else did it), and social integrations to help you easily get feedback from your friends and followers.

How do we make money? By combining revenue streams from local vendor referrals, national retailers and an overlay of LivingSocial’s daily deals, SimplyDone.co makes purchase decisions easier for those experiencing life’s firsts. We give local and national establishments opportunities to super-target those who are looking for their goods or services.  “Right place, right time” makes all parties involved winners!

So what do you think?

Tweet to @SimplyDoneCo or reply to this post.