8 companies launch at 2011 Brandery Demo Day

Yesterday we launched our eight 2011 graduates at Demo Day.  In front of a crowd of over 350 investors, the companies did an amazing job and we could not be more proud.  The 2011 graduates included:

  • Choremonster
  • Keepio
  • Leap
  • Receept
  • RentShare
  • Roadtrippers
  • Spaciety
  • StyleZen

We received a great write-up from Tech Cocktail while Laura Baverman from the Cincinnati Enquirer provided live updates throughout at Enter Change.

Mentor Advice for Startups

“Be committed to your strategy but don’t fall in love with it. Go steady but don’t get married. You have to maintain the passion but retain enough objectivity to know when something isn’t working and a new direction is needed. Most startups go through several strategic shifts before they find the right formula.”

Michael S. Vanderwoude, Vice President and General Manager of Cincinnati Bell

Mentor Advice for Startups

“Always stay in learning and listing mode – Too many companies pitch to me and press forward with a sales pitch without pausing to listen to questions and heeding advice.”

“As Socrates said, “He who is wise admits he knows nothing,” and we all are learning together in this brave new world.  If you do not seem to be listening and open to feedback or pivoting, then you may never succeed.”

Bob Gilbreath, Chief Marketing Strategist at Bridge Worldwide

Mentor Advice for Startups

“Get your product/service right. Make it great/different by focusing heavily on the end-user. Start with a profitable business model – don’t scale without one.”

-Michael Stich, Chief Operating Office of Rockfish Interactive