3 Greater Cincinnati schools named best undergrad college for entrepreneurs

This week The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine released their rankings of the 25 top graduate and undergrad university programs for entrepreneurs.  For the second year in a row, Greater Cincinnati had three schools who were in the Top 20 including:

#6. University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio

#11. Xavier University, Cincinnati

#20. Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

These rankings continue to reaffirm why we think Cincinnati is the perfect home for The Brandery and the next generation of great start-ups.  And on that note, a fun fact is that all 6 of the companies in The Brandery have founders who attended one of the schools who made the list.

ZipList founder shares his "Mistakes, Learnings & Musings"

Geoff Allen, founder of ZipList, Grab Networks and Echo360 recently visited The Brandery to share his “Mistakes, Learnings & Other Musings.”  As always, Geoff over delivered with a stellar presentation to the companies.  My personal favorite was to “Build companies on fundamentals because crazy, irrational values are anomalies.”  Too often it is easy to get caught up in the valuations of investor darlings like Quora, Twitter and FourSquare, forgetting that these are the exception not the rule.

We're gonna need a bigger Rolodex

If you are interested in the day to day events at The Brandery, you should check out the newest blog from the guys at Giftiki.  As part of our inaugural class, Giftiki is the classic entrepreneurial story.  The two co-founders, Bryan Jowers and Justin Stanislaw, both quit their jobs and moved from Houston, Texas to Cincinnati, Ohio to be part of The Brandery.  That’s an energy you just have to love.

Over on their blog, they are sharing what they learn as they go through the program.  My favorite part so far came from their latest post in which they wrote:

As Justin said to me at the end of the day, “We’re gonna need a bigger Rolodex.”