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Help a Brandery startup by beta testing their products. In exchange for getting early access to some of the coolest tech, our companies would love feedback on how to improve. We’ll just need a little demographic info to help our startups get a feel for who their consumers are.


Startup Description Call to Action Contact
HireWheel verifies work experience for plumbers, contractors, and other local experts so homeowners don’t have to. If you’re a homeowner, you can start using their site right now. Matt Lenahan

Lagoon helps homeowners discover their water use using a simple to install sensor and mobile app. The sensor takes sixty seconds to install and is wrapped around the main water pipe that runs into the home. Visit golagoon.com to be one of the first homeowners to discover your home water use. Eric Elias

Keego allows anybody, anywhere to translate. Persons that are proficient in a second language can now get paid for translating content and documents for small to mid-sized businesses. Keego’s community of 2000 vetted bilinguals and professional translators can translate your content today. Visit their site to start. Rodrigo Galindez
____________ Cintric provides developers with a simple and easy to integrate SDK built around mobile-first location services. It features battery-efficient location tracking, geo-triggered events, actionable insights, and rich analytics, all of which can be added with just a few lines of code. If you’re a developer who could use Cintric, get early access now. Connor Bowlan
Formerly LuckyPennie, Wax Music is a music and concert discovery platform that is learning users’ musical DNA in order to provide the most personalized recommendations possible. Download LuckyPennie of the app to your iPhone now and stay tuned for the rebrand in the next week. Jonathan Lane
MusicPlay Analytics identifies the music played in businesses, updating an antiquated royalty payment system that results in billions of dollars being misallocated each year. If you’re a songwriter, touring artist, performing rights organization, or simply are interested in learning more about MusicPlay Analytics, please feel free to contact Eron. Eron Bucciarelli

Venn provides a ready-to-use location infrastructure that makes it easy to add contextually-aware features to web and mobile applications. If you’re a developer who could use Venn, sign up on their site. Steffan Howey

popad is a user-generated advertising platform that empowers customers to create quality ad content for local businesses and brands. You can help by downloading their app and competing in photo competitions today. John McClelland
Strap is a software platform that unleashes the potential of wearables for developers, enterprises, and brands.
If you’re a developer interested in getting Strap, sign up here. Steve Caldwell

Shelfie is a consumer-powered out-of-stock measurement solution that rewards users for what’s not in store. Download the app in the App Store or Google Play today and start taking Shelfies during your next shopping trip. CJ Acosta