Support for your business during The Brandery Accelerator Program doesn’t end with $50,000 and world class mentorship.

Below you’ll find some of the benefits we’ve compiled to give your company the resources needed to succeed.

Funding Estimated Value
$50k Seed Funding Each startup in the Brandery Accelerator Program will receive a $50,000 grant to help cover expenses for the duration of the program. $50,000
Branding & Design Assistance Estimated Value
1:1 Partnership with a World-Class Agency We believe a powerful brand will make or break your startup. The Brandery companies are matched with a world-class design agency in the Cincinnati area to help establish your startup’s brand and visual identity. $25,000
Exclusive Accelerator Perks Estimated Value
As part of the Bizspark Plus program, you will receive $10,000 a month of hosting credits, access to Microsoft software, and tech support. You can also join the standard BizSpark program to get access to $150 per month, per developer of free Microsoft Azure services. This offer helps to cover a startup’s cloud computing costs and give startups access to the full bar of Microsoft’s products for development, testing and production on specific products $120,000
IBM Global Entrepreneur is a unique program designed to connect startups to IBM’s global ecosystem of clients, partners, business leaders, and enterprise-grade technology, and is offering startups participating in GAN accelerators up to $120,000 in IBM Cloud hosting credits over 12 months. $120,000
12 month Gold Plan Credit; Email deliverability and support for free (up to 300,000 emails/month!). $24,000
$5K in AWS Credits (good for 2 years). 12 months of AWS Business Support. Access to AWS Technical & Business Essentials training. Office hours with AWS Solutions Architect $7,500
PNC is the official bank of The Brandery. Among other perks, PNC provides a dedicated banking team for Brandery companies, preferred transaction rates and accounts.
Clark Schaefer Hackett provides accounting services and assistance to The Brandery companies.
Legal Assistance Estimated Value
Custom company formation, regular weekly office hours and advisement during the program, case-by-case deferral of remaining legal fees until closing of a financing. $15,000